Meet Our Team…..


Winkler Birgit

Dr. Mag. Birgit Winkler
Ever since I was in England as a child I have been fascinated by the country and its people and, of course, by the language. This is why I spent many years in Britain, teaching German and English to students at various universities.

I started the English school newspaper project a few years ago but so far we have only produced a paper version. This is the first time the English newspaper will be available online. It has been hard work but we hope you will enjoy reading the English newspaper and perhaps even contribute to it.



Lisa Michaela Prutsch
Hey guys, I am Lisa and I will strengthen your general knowledge in nearly everything. I like literature, psychology and I think human beings are mysterious. Don’t ask me why. You probably see me rushing around a lot, but if you need something just ask, I won’t bite.


Sara Schmidt

Books, movies and travels are my favourite things. From horror to love comedies and from classics to B-movies, I’ll watch anything. Keep a look out for my articles.